Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bail Bonds Lady Has License Revoked, Then Sues State

$403,106 in commissions is what Debra Henneke made in commissions in her first 5 months on the job as a bail bonds agent. Not bad. Unfortunately, the State of Ohio said some of that was ill gotten gains because she alledgedly solicited business inside the court house. Not only did she receive the largest fine ever, $105,000,  but the Ohio Department of Insurance, which oversees the licensing and conduct of bail bond agents, revoked Henneke's license. 

She in turn said she is being unfairly singled out because other bail bonds agents do the exact same thing. Now it is turning into a case of finger pointing and accusations of favoritism as she has sued the state agency that revoked her license.

Time will tell if Henneke resumes her lucrative bail bonds business or if she is forever shut out of an industry that pays close to a 1/2 a million dollars in less than a 1/2 of a year.