Monday, November 29, 2010

San Luis Obispo Bail Bondsman and Woman Arrested For Business Practices

The San Luis Obispo Tribune is reporting that an area bail bondsman and two others have been arrested for bail bonds business practices. It said "Larissa Paige Langley, 27, was arrested on suspicion of one felony count of soliciting bail inside a judicial detention area; and one felony count of failing to keep records as a bail solicitor and making them available to inspection." Please visit for more information.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Woman Owned Bail Bonds Agencies Are Perceived Differently

Seems as though everyone perceives bail bonds agencies as a rough and tumble business. Most likely because the average American doesn't differentiate between a bail bonds agent and a bail recovery agent. But that is a different discussion altogether. Although bail bonds agents are portrayed as having a cold demeanor and just heartless business people out  make a quick buck, the perception of the woman bail bonds agent is different.

It seems as though women are perceived, in general, as more compassionate and caring then men. In a business that deals with people in difficult situations and trying times, that compassion and caring attitude can be a welcome relief. I would venture to say that being a woman in the bail bonds industry is actually an advantage just for that reason. When people are scared or frightened I would guess seeing a woman rather than a man would be their first choice.

Maybe this is why so many women have been so successful in the bail bonds industry. From Orange County California to Orange County New York, women are making a splash writing bail bonds. I previously talked about the names chosen many bail agencies as tough and based on mob references. While women owned bail agencies don't usually follow that convention. Who would you rather have bail you out in the mddle of the night? Some Goodfellas or a sweet caring mother figure? Maybe a better question is who do you want to be beholden to for the duration of your trial?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Female Bail Bondsman Accused Of Bribery

Oklahoma's Channel 6 is reporting that a female bail bondsman attempted to bribe an area district attorney with her late husband. Raemona Perry was charged with the crime for allegedly trying to bribe Craig Ladd last summer. Her husband was also implicated but he has since died after committing suicide by shooting himself. She will not be arraigned at the end of this month.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bounty Hunter Arrested For Weapons Charges

Dawn Daniels, a female bounty hunter associated with DNA Bail Bonds, has been charged with firing shots in city limits.

The Herald reported "Police last week charged Dawn Daniels of DNA Bail Bonds in Smithfield with firing a weapon within the town limits. Police Chief Charles Bowen said his office filed the charge after hearing from witnesses whose stories conflicted with what Daniels told police about why she fired her weapon in a backyard on Oct. 5. "

It went onto say "According to a police report, Daniels, 37, fired at least three shots on Oct. 5 while chasing Jamiel Davidson, 27, who had fled from his father's house on North Massey Street during his arrest. "

Read more about this story in The Herald