Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sacrificing Bail Bonds Marketing For The Sake Of Clients

At 1st Class Bail Bonds, Bonnie Plotkin has established a bail agency with a great reputation for compassion and discretion. While most bail agencies believe the more advertising the better, 1st Class Bail Bonds takes the approach that less is more. They are very cognicent that being arrested can scary and embaressing. As evidenced by their website's message, they truly care about their clients' well being and not just the bail premium.

Their approach, according to their 1st Class Bail Bonds website is:

"As a Southern California bail bond company, we can explain the obligations and requirements of an Indemnitor/co-signer (the person signing to guarantee the bail bond). We provide copies of all bond documents that are signed and receipts for all money and collateral received.

As a standard part of our Southern California Bail Bond company service, our bondsman will typically come to you for your signature, much like a loan agent does. We respect your privacy. We are very discreet and do not drive vehicles with "Bail Bonds" plastered on them. The only thing that identifies us as bail agents is our Bail Agent Identification Card, issued by the California Department of Insurance. Your 1st Class Bail Bonds agent will carry this ID card in a pocket or briefcase and show it to you upon request.

We are here for you even after the bond is posted and your family member or friend has been released from custody. Our Southern California bail bond agents are available to answer questions about court dates and provide directions to the courts in Los Angeles and Orange counties. We can also help you if you unintentionally missed your court date, or with anything else you might need in regards to bailbonds."

How many other bail bondsmen have built a business by intentionally not advertising their agency for the sake of discretion and confidentiality?
Based on her growing success, there may be a lesson to learn from her.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Las Vegas Bail Bonds Girl Is Here

The Las Vegas bail bonds world is dominated by men. In fact, the bail bonds industry is by far and large a male dominated industry. However, there are a number of women owned bail bond agencies that are doing well and making a splash. Not only are women owning agencies more than ever before, but women are running them at every level in increasing numbers. So I am here to blog a little bit about what it is like for a woman to work in the male dominated world of bail bonds. I have a particular insight and interest in the Las Vegas bail bonds world.

I will try to keep up as much as I can with blogging. Although as everyone knows bail bonds are a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week industry. I promise not to forget about this blog if you do the same. Please keep checking back and we will together keep our eye on the women making an impact in the bail world. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and insights about all things bail bonds and women.