Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bail Bonds Go Pink

Everyone has their own special way of marketing bail bonds. The Las Vegas bail bond agencies seem to gravitate towards overt mob references, such as Goodfellas or Godfather's or cost conscious names like inferrring some kind of discount. But women owned bail bonds agencies sometimes play to their strengths of feminity. I love the Lipsitck bail bonds agency approach. Their name is cool number one. Their website and branding is built around everything pink. But the real creme de la creme is their car. Check out this car!

I mean seriously, if you saw this pink pregnant roller skate driving down the road wouldn't you take note? With so many unoriginal marekting strategies or even shall we dare to say traditional marketing approaches you have to love this thing. If I saw that parked in front of a court house or driving down the road you can bet I would try to figure out what business it was associated with. Then if the need arose for bail bonds I would certainly give these ladies a call. From what I hear the two women that run this bail bonds agency are doing very well. Awesome job ladies, keep it up!